The Power of Omni-channel Business Solution in your Hands

Connected Business is a scalable all-in-one solution for your distribution business.
It's the only solution you need to operate your business, reduce operational costs and increase sales.


Superior Inventory

Our inventory management solution helps you keep your stocks at optimum levels, handle all your item types with ease, and is integrated with all your sales channels.

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Warehousing Management

Connected Warehouse is a solution that allows you and your personnel to use your iOS device and peripherals to perform inventory picking, packing, stock counts and more warehousing operations. .

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Our Accounting module is integrated with all your business data in real time, so you get up-to-the-second updated financials whenever you need them. Posting accounting journals for your transactions has been automated for you. Now, you can spend less time on your accounting and more on growing your business.

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Business Intelligence

See your business growth trends, create forecasts and make well-informed key decisions with Connected Business' Business Intelligence module. With all of your business data integrated within one system, you can create beautiful and comprehensive business intelligence reports from all ends of your business.

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Customer Module

Our Customer module is your central hub for all your customer transactions. See your retailers' orders from all your sales channels and fulfill all of them with ease. Your stock levels are automatically updated once you complete an order, and your financial data are immediately updated in real-time, making sure that you never have to review your inventory and accounting figures when orders are made from your business.

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CRM Module

The Connected Business CRM module lets you create and coordinate sales and marketing campaigns for your leads, prospects and customers. We have optimized the lead conversion to customers for you; it is a step-by-step process and the system is designed so you can track each step of the conversion process. Inside the module are analysis tools you can use to create better lead generation and customer conversion efforts. .

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