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Real-Time Inventory Accuracy

Connected Business Displays Real-Time Stock Availability Across All Sales Channels.

Higher eCommerce Adoption

Buyer Inventory And Pricing Confidence, Along With 24/7 Convenience, Drives Adoption.

Increase Your Sales

Higher eCommerce Adoption Drives Sales. Supply Chain Availability Drives Presales.

Greater Cross Sales

Buyers Can Easily See Substitute Items Of Out Of Stock Products And Accessories.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Unified Solutions Require Less Maintenance Reducing costs (One Database / Logic).

Improve Customer Service

Customers Can Self Service Online. Customer Service Teams Have Everything In One Place.

Multi - everything!


With Connected Business you can run as many websites as you need from a single inventory source. Each website can have their own pricing, inventory, content, branding, domain and more.


Have more than one distribution center or retail store location? Need to offer local pickup or taxation? No problem, Connected Business has advanced business rules that automates selling through multiple business locations.


Connected Business allows you to have an unlimited number of logins per account. This is perfect for B2B eCommerce where a customer may have more than one buyer or location. 


Sell in more than one currency? Connected Business allows you to setup pricing in an unlimited number of currencies and can even record the currency gain / loss to your financials.


Connected Sell your products and services globally. Connected Business supports multiple selling languages.


Connected Business eCommerce is fully responsive allowing you to provide an optimal experience for desktop, tablet and mobile device consumers.

Order Online, Pick Up From Store

Customers now check for your items through online channels and prefer to purchase them in your store. Allow your customers to order through your web store, select from your stores that carry the item they ordered, and pick up their ordered items from their selected store using the Store Pick Up Feature.

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Address Verification

Reduce your costs on shipping errors from online orders with the Address Verification feature. When your customers create their account or place their orders , this feature compares and validates your customer-entered address directly with your shipping carriers' databases. This is also useful for you and your customers when requesting real-time rate quotes for your shipment services.

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Live Chat

Interact with your online customers using the Live Chat module. Spot customers that are having issues navigating through the site or checking out items and guide them into the right track, or push items from cross sell and upsell to increase your sales. Be there when your customers place an order through your online store, reducing shopping cart abandonment and improving your customer service efforts.

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Integrated Secure Credit Card Gateway

Our integrated payment gateway is only 2.5% per transaction for both POS and eCommerce. No Hidden Costs. No Surprise Fees. Beats everyone's current rate.

Shipment Tracking

You and your customers never have to worry about your online shipments anymore. Connected Business generates a unique tracking number for your shipments that the system uses to track the shipments' location. With our solution's integration with shipping carriers, you can find real-time tracking information from the back office application, and customers can find their shipments' location from their web store profile page.

Multi-Store Support

Target different markets with multiple web stores, each with its own design and branding, but managed from one administrative panel without the difficulty and complication experienced with other eCommerce providers.

B2B eCommerce

The integration of business processes in Connected Business bridges the gap between B2B trading and eCommerce. Give specific customers privileged discounts, special prices and other offers whenever they access your web store specific to their unique login credentials.

SEO Ready

Enable your website to stand on the forefront of consumer interest online. Connected Business uses SEO best practices, friendly URLS support, and automatic generation of XML sitemaps to ensure that search engines are always updated with the latest content of your website.