Dynamic Engagement Of Customers From Every Sales Channel

We know that engaging customers and guiding them through your company's selling cycle becomes difficult when your customers are traveling through different sales channels. Connected Business CRM keeps you and your sales team in the loop of your entire sales activity performance and your customers' stage in the selling cycle. Key aspects of your sales operations are also automated and fully-integrated with the rest of your business. This way, you can create better sales efforts and engage your customers better.

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Connected Business CRM automatically reflects your sales team's activities, supplying all the information you need to track their performance.


All the phases of your sales process are easily manageable, so you can start better efforts to direct more leads and prospects into your company's sales pipeline.


Contact information of your leads and prospects, as well as their opportunity levels and touch points, are brought into the entire system in real-time from any channel.

Efficient Sales Cycle Management


Make it easy to organize and document all your lead generation activities using an easy-to-use system. You can track the effectiveness of your campaigns as you work towards nurturing and converting your leads.


Connected Business CRM gives you a better handle of all your prospect information. Create sales quotes, activities, case or opportunity records, or convert them into customers - all can be done directly from a prospect's detail record.


All your customer records show comprehensive detail about your customers, including recent transactions, contact and setup information and specific pricing. Transactions can also be made directly from the customer record.

Visualise Your Entire Team's Activities

Managing an entire team of dynamic sales people can be too much work without an efficient way to be on track of all their activities. With the Personal and Team Calendars built-in with Connected Business CRM, you have a dashboard that displays each team member's tasks. You can organise your team's to-do's, meetings, scheduled phone calls and follow-ups with specific lists and dashboard groups, making it easy for you to get a better view of your team's efforts from even the most complex of calendars.

Create focused, coordinated sales campaigns

Creating concerted sales campaigns can be tough, especially if the revenue goals and the number of activities to accomplish are high. Connected Business CRM makes it easy for you to plan and execute sophisticated sales campaigns by linking all activities, sales opportunities and orders under one campaign record. Keep close watch of your sales campaign's performance by viewing comprehensive reports and analysis.

Improve Your Customer Service with the Cases Feature

Connected Business CRM is fully-integrated with your web store. With the Cases feature, your customers can submit case tickets from your web store and are sent directly to the sender's customer records. All your case tickets are pooled in the CRM module, so you and your customer support team have a complete view of all customer complaints, and resolve them in a timely manner.