The Complexities of Accounting. Simplified.

Connected Business Accounting is fully-integrated with all your sales channels, automatically updating your financial statements in real-time as you make a sale, reconcile bank records, perform stock adjustments, record billings from supplier purchases, account for freight charges, and many more.

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Smart Data Analysis

Automated and consolidated data entry. Connected Business helps you keep up with stringent report standards without losing your breath.

Wizards That Simplify

Connected Business Accounting’s wizards were designed to make adjusting entries such as accruals and prepayments a piece of cake.

It's Automatic

Add account codes to the financial layout and save account code changes easily. Instantly update your chart of accounts.

Create Entries for Transactions As They Occur

The General Journal is a vital feature for accountants and audit officials alike. This will provide the complete audit trail for all transactions including who, how, and when they were created. Details about these transactions are easily accessed and retrievable for review. You can even make reversing entries for dealing with accruals and prepayments.

Period and Year-End Process in a Snap

Kiss those month-end blues away with the month/year end routine wizard. It’s exactly what you need to help you do the tasks you are expected to accomplish at the end of an accounting period. It includes options to process pending recurring transactions, re-evaluating stock and multi-currency transactions, post transactions, and print reports before finally closing the period.

Stunning, Comprehensive Financial Statements

Use Connected Business’s templates and unmatched customizability; create reports, journals and financial statements that suit your requirements. including who, how, and when they were created. Details about these transactions are easily accessed and retrievable for review.Make them as simple or as comprehensive as needed; newly-created account codes are automatically included in the layout. Choose to export Excel, PDF or text format or print on-the-fly when you need paper copies.

Handle Your Taxes On Every Level

Have different tax components in one tax scheme. Enjoy sophisticated tax translation that handles taxes at every level as well as support items such as tax holidays. You can change and customize tax codes as needed, via the tax override capability. This maintains accuracy in all of your sales orders that may have special tax requirements.

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